Earth friendly, energy efficient, cost-effective precise
laser-based surface coating removal system

About SurClean, Inc.

SurClean, Inc., is an emerging company spun-off from American Laser Enterprises (ALE). We have developed disruptive laser technology that selectively removes paint, oxides, debris and other surface coatings from almost any type of surface. Aircrafts, ships, and other major assets require regular surface stripping for mandated inspections and maintenance. There are significant disadvantages with current methods of stripping.

We are a small woman owned engineering company providing laser solutions. ALE, acting as a sub-contractor to a leading prime contractor, developed the SurClean product through technology projects funded by Air Force Research Laboratory. SurClean completed testing of the proprietary optical component at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology.

Team SurClean

Susan Sprentall
Susan Sprentall

Don Sprentall
Don Sprentall

Beverly Wall
Bev Wall

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